AUDUSD sell signal on 13 SEP 2017 03:00 PM UTC by AdMACD Trading System (Timeframe=H1)

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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 15:00


COSMOS4U AdMACD Indicator under 33, 72, 25, 12 parameters given by COSMOS4U technical analysis research department, generated a sell signal for AUDUSD spot price in H1 timeframe (13 SEP 2017 03:00 PM UTC).

The short signal is weak because the crossover has taken place below the zero line, thus determining the prevailing market trend.

The moving average MA(6) hourly volume is above the MA(33) hourly volume, so the confirmation signal, given by COSMOS4U Volume Indicator, is strong. The difference between the Bull and Bear Volumes for the last 33 hours is bearish.

Stay in touch for future signals so as to keep abreast with trader sentiment shifting.

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